Meridian 1970 Revisited

A few years ago we were given a fantastic comp by our dear friend Jon Savage. It was a  time of great bounty for friends of Jon as he had begun the task of digitising his vast (and incredible) record collection. Being the big fan-boy that he is this job was never going to be speedy as he always thinks of others when he hears a great record and just has to make sure that they hear it. He decided that I would enjoy a collection of songs that he had coralled under the heading ‘Meridian 1970’. Music from a time-between, a period considered wilderness as there was no discernible (or cool) ‘scene’ going on. But there was great music that did define the time. It was invariably album tracks and often the one good track on an otherwise rubbish record. Jon is a guy that keeps these songs, that so easily could  have been lost, alive, and the music plus the concept of this compilation were so good that we released it to acclaim as an album on our Forever Heavenly imprint.

Jon has kindly comped us a couple more volumes of ‘Meridian’ and we will be making them available to everyone on our mailing list. Get yourself signed up (see members box in the top bar) and check your in-box in a week or so.

Make sure and visit (and bookmark) Jon’s website. It’s an incredible archive of a lifelong obsession with all things punk / psyche / teenage.

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