Happy Mondays 86

Picture 2

Love these pictures of the Mondays.

They were taken for the music paper Sounds, by a mate of mine, Stephen Parker back in 1986. We think it was around the time of the ‘Freaky Dancing’ single.
The non-band members at the back of the van are Dave Harper and Phil Saxe. Dave (glasses) was Factory records press guy, a job he very kindly passed on to me a year or so after these photos were taken. Funnily enough, I bumped in to him on Portobello Road on Friday afternoon, the first time we’d seen each other in ages. Him and Parker were good mates and his name came up in the conversation. We must have been stood on the ley line that runs between west London and west Cornwall ‘cos when I got home these pics were in my in-box, a surprise gift from Stephen.
Phil Saxe was the manager of the band at the time. He was (is) a good bloke, Phil. He had been the youngest DJ at The Twisted Wheel in Manchester in the Sixties and first met the Mondays as customers of his clothes stall in the Arndale Market (“It was called Somewear in Manchester. Corny but true. Our bags had ‘we know the score’ printed on them”). He went on to become the A&R guy at Factory and is now a lecturer at LIPA. I sent the pictures to Phil and this was his reply:

Cheers Jeff

It appears the last quarter of a century has taken its toll. I’m cute and the boys look smashing. The good old days, before they degenerated into a music hall act. Wonderful. Thanks for the memories.
I think this was the occasion when the band were interviewed by the MM whilst they sat in the rear of the transit van we had travelled down in and Knobhead shouts during the interview,
“Phil, tell ‘em to ‘fuck off’, they’re smoking our draw”.

best wishes.

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