Mersey Me: Stealing Sheep & Hooton Tennis Club chat about Liverpool

The Guardian - Liverpool

On Saturday July 4th in Liverpool it’s the 175th anniversary of the first transatlantic crossing. A celebration of the liners that shuttled between Liverpool and New York in the 1950s.

On Sunday, were celebrating our 25th birthday at one of our favourite UK venues, The Kazimier. Liverpool as a city has a place in our hearts and it’s no surprise that two of our artists hail from the city.

Here The Guardian have pieced together an article detailing the significance of the ‘Cunard Yanks: the sailors who taught Britain how to rock ‘n’ roll.’ With the city currently ignited with a whole host of new and exciting bands, we couldn’t be happier to be part of the buzz.

Stealing Sheep‘s Emily Lansley & Hooton Tennis Club‘s Harry Chalmers have shared their thoughts on what Liverpool’s magical presence means to them and their music.

Read the full article here.

Join us at The Kazimier on Sunday with Harvest Sun Promotions.

Remaining Tickets.

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