Save Southampton Joiners – A message from Katherine x

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We all have a childhood venue that’s close to our hearts. A place where your brand new vans stick to the floor, your thrust into your first mosh pit & you’ve spewed outside due the giddy excitement of catching a glimpse of your local hero or this months current hyped band.

Our Katherine has experienced all these feelings at Southampton Joiners, a venue she describes as being pivotal to her passion for live music. Now, her treasured venue is under threat of closure due to the adverse weather conditions leading to critical damage that’s in desperate need of repair.

You can help with a simple donation to The Joiners fundraiser page.

Here’s a message from the venue staff:

The joiners is not a profit making business but exists to provide a platform for emerging and local artists and during Festival season we operate at a loss, therefore we currently have no funds to carry out this work.

We are an independent business and some our staff even work voluntarily to keep the place going. We would really appreciate your help to keep the Joiners thriving into its 50th Year next year.

If you can spare anything please help us to keep this musical community hub flowing and to continue to do what you all love coming here so much for!

If you are generous enough to donate £10 or above, we will donate back in return 1 free entry to any Joiners gig with a ticket price of £5 or below valid until the end of October 2017.

Thanks very much!

The Joiners Family x


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