A Scene Within A Scene


Check out the work of Elijah Thomas…he’s been photographing Boy Azooga and the magical world of Cardiff’s music scene for the past year. He’s done a great job at capturing the cities buzzing scene of creativity & electric gigs.

He’s also made a zine to celebrate this tight-knit DIY community, he says:

“This is a scene within a scene. Sure, I could call it the Cardiff music scene but this is just a small section of it. This is something a little deeper. A collection of friends bound together by a mutual respect for one another. Some make their music together, some even live together under the same roof but not one band sounds the same. Cardiff doesn’t have a particular ‘Sound’ it’s a mixture of different styles and genres. This is a chance for me to shine a light and say thank you to the bands that helped soundtrack the photographs that I take both on and off the stage. Forget London, forget Manchester, this is Cardiff. Hopefully other photographers in the area will see these photographs and take more notice of their friends playing music. Perhaps maybe you’d like to document them? maybe even put on an exhibition? I’d love to see what you’ve got.”

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