Rough Trade Books Announce Series 4


Rough Trade Books have announced their fourth season of pamphlets, this time including editions by Andrè Naffis-Sahely, Patrick Jones, Ren Aldridge, and Emma Warren.

Naffis-Sahely’s The Other Side of Nowhere, a “radical, psychedelic journal of the end-times”, explores the American West through poetry. His previous work includes The Promised Land: Poems from Itinerant Life (Penguin, 2017) and The Heart of a Stranger: An Anthology of Exile Literature (Pushkin Press, 2019).

Steam Down or How Things Begin by Emma Warren centres around a weekly jam night in Deptford and considers it as an example of how new culture is born. Warren also looks at comparisons between current London jazz and reggae soundsystem culture in the 1980s. The pamphlet is an excellent companion piece to her recently released book Make Some Space: Tuning into Total Refreshment Centre.

Patrick Jones shares an incredibly raw collection of poetry written during his mother’s diagnosis of leukaemia and after her death in My Bright Shadow. “We write to escape ourselves and to find ourselves—these poems are a testament to a life and to love”. The pamphlet is introduced by Patrick’s brother Nicky Wire.

Finally, Ren Aldridge, frontwoman of incendiary feminist post-hardcore band Petrol Girls, releases Cut & Stitch. Expanding on the lyrics and ideas of the band’s latest album of the same name, Aldridge explores cutting and stitching as a way of thinking about topics such as community, the environment, building solidarity, resisting perfectionism,emotional labour, gender and craft.

Find out more and pre-order the pamphlets for their release next month here.

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