Working Mens Club – White Rooms & People

Working Mens Club have released a brand new single and video – ‘White Rooms & People’.

The video was directed by Kieran Evans, who had this to say about the band, and the video:

I’ve lost count how many people have told me a band will blow my mind when i see them live only for the whole experience to be a huge disappointment. but then again on a warm summer evening last june, that very rare moment where my mind was blown actually did happen and working mens club were responsible. just 40 odd people and me slowly losing our minds in a sweaty basement. fuck they were good. i mean really fucking good.

fast forward 5 months and jeff barrett fires over a soundcloud link to me of white rooms and people and a simple question. promo. interested?…
fuck yeah.

so here goes….
i wanted to abstract the idea of what a band should be seen to “do” in a pop video. what is the purpose of performing/miming live in this unreal state? i love the bands attitude especially syds stage persona so i played with the idea of the band showing complete disinterest and nonchalance to this “requirement” to perform to camera. a number of the set-ups were devised on the day of the shoot with the band which made the process even more fun. the stereotypical visuals of cables, amps and paraphernalia were dumped in favour of the band presenting an attitude in the way they ‘performed’ or “mimed” the song.

in terms of the look and feel, the more i listened to the track, the more i wanted the shoot to have an analogue feel. the song is such a hook laden monster i wanted to really set it visually apart from the current crop of indie style guitar bands promo’s set in derelict warehouses. with that in mind, i started looking at early 80’s video art as reference points and especially the slightly off kilter vision fx treatments of footage that somehow gave “meaning” to the art and the messages behind it.. so we worked with a vivid, colourful palette that lent itself more to 80’s style videos…the one request syd had was he wanted the promo to have a weird/unsettling feel to the clip despite the colour and vividness so I devised a simple narrative of framing the presentation of the promo within a strange, unsettling gallery space with a slightly dark twist to the band and protagonists fate. the clue is in the quote at the top of the promo….

ps. working mens club will truly blow your fucking mind. i’m telling you now.


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