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Dynamite Sounds From A Heavenly Jukebox 2020 #2

Jeff has updated our Spotify with a brand new playlist. Have a listen here and read what he had to say:

“It’s obvious from this playlist that I’m currently enjoying a lot of new soul and R&B records that sound a lot like the old soul and R&B records that I’ve loved forever.

“The new Daptone imprint, Penrose Records, was launched recently and there is a lot to enjoy among their first batch of releases. I’ve gone for the testifying vocal sound of The Sinseers, the joyous uptown swing of Jason Joshua and the Smokeyesque and utterly gorgeous When You Go by The Altons. All these and more are coming soon on 45 and downloadable from the Penrose Bandcamp page.

“Always keep an eye on Khruangbin, those recent remixes by Scientists are ace and this hook up with Leon Bridges has reminded me that the guy can sing. Ace arrangement / production too. The Mia tune is my real big fave right now I’m just gutted that the vinyl release is heart shaped and red. Bummer. What else? Redbone turned up in a music doc recently (Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World) and took me back to my pre punk teens, what a tune, and thanks to our Sonny for turning me on to Jean Grae and Quelle Chris. I need to investigate further.”

Artwork by Mingering Mike.

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