Believe In Magic Hour #8

Little Richard – The greatest rock ‘n’ roll star – London, August 1972

A conversation between Jeff, Danny and Tony in the office:

Danny: My word, that Little Richard interview is incredible.

Jeff: It really is isn’t it. You watch that and you gotta give him the crown haven’t you, he’s the king. And that was ’72 when, as the interview points out, the hits had dried up over a decade previously which in those fast moving times was a fucking eternity. But by the same token he’s super GLAM too, what a beautiful spiritual guy. And this is the record he was plugging – it wasn’t a ‘hit’ but it’s fucking incendiary!

Have you ever read this? It’s an amazing story and brilliantly told. If you think about buying it – and you should read it if you haven’t – the earlier edition had a better cover. Worth searching for it used.

Tony: Saw him play in the early 2000s, he was ace then too.

Jeff: Did you, wow, where was that T? I’ve never seen him play.

Tony: It was the Royal Festival Hall, think it was 2006, Suna’s still got his make up-stained tissues from the stage!

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Portishead – Essential Mix Classics – BBC Radio 1 – 23/04/1995

First broadcast 25 years ago today…

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My shrunken world: lockdown in Camden – In Pictures


“Challenging herself to see her immediate environment in a new way, photographer Sarah Lee, who has been on complete lockdown for over four weeks, shot these images on an iPhone within a one-mile radius of her home in Camden Town, north London”

via The Guardian

same time, same place tomorrow…

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