Sun, what have you done . . . Heavenly heads out for Summer festivals

Main Stage at the Port Elliot literary festival

As we hurriedly finish everything off that needs doing before we loon ourselves in a field for 4 days our bands are mostly 1 step ahead of us & are already down at Glastonbury languishing in the green carpet of field that is Worthy Farm for the most part of the year, hopefully the 169,995 people that will have arrived before us & the – is it, will it, wont it, yes it will – blah blah rain wont have churned the site into a battlefield before we’ve even started.

Here’s where our bands will be playing in the UK this Summer;

DOVES – ‘Doves lift us up where we belong’:
26th June – Friday headline – John Peel Stage  @ Glastonbury
5th July – Hop Farm Festival, Kent
11th July – Oxygen festival, 02 stage, co Kildare, Ireland
12th July – T in the Park, radio 1/NME stage, Scotland

18th July – Latitude festival , Suffolk

19th July – Lovebox, London

LOOSE SALUTE – Hopefully the lovely Lisa will still be sporting her  MOR US highway 78 era fringe & ting:

26th June – Friday 16.50 on the Q snug stage – Glastonbury

25th July – Saturday Port Elliot – 4.30 – Caught by the River Tent

MAGIC NUMBERS – will be sneaking in some new tracks off their forthcoming 3rd album:
27th June – Hyde Park Calling
28th June – Secret show @ Glastonbury, Sunday evening
25th July –  Port Elliot Festival

PETE GREENWOOD – Perfick way to start the weekend – in a field on a thursday :
26th June – Thursday @ Glasto, 4pm Snug stage beside Q stage

SAINT ETIENNE – Get the London look! they’ve been performing the whole of Fox Base Alpha recently, keep an eye out for a girl with a placard, she knows where its at :

July 4th – Wireless
July 19th – Sunday @ Latitude, Suffolk
August 15th – Summer Sundae, Leicester
August 29th – Beachdown festival, Brighton
August 4th – Mosely Folk Festival

June 28th – Sunday 3pm Park Stage – Glastonbury

SOFT PACK – Plug in, Tune out & drop in – ESSENTIAL!:
June 28th – 4.45pm – John Peel Stage – Glastonbury
August 29th – Leeds festival
August 30th – Reading festival


27th June – Glastonbury -11pm – 2am in the Q tent

28th June – Glastonbury – 11am – 1pm in the Guardian tent

17th July – Latitude – all day in between bands on the BBC Introducing stage

18th July –  2 – 4pm in the Rizla Arena – Lovebox

6-9th August – Rizla Arena – Big Chill

11 – 13th September – Rizla Areana -Bestival

Here’s the PADDED CELL disco noir reworking of DOVES ‘COMPULSION’ to download:



Songs of Innocence and of Experience

Pete, Stephen & God
God, Stephen & Pete

As the breath of a new season breathes life into the ground it was a  pleasure to be walking through Bunyan Fields cemetery as the colour of Spring was taking hold, rallying against the weight of the moss coverd tombs.  I was on my way to see Pete Greenwood who was recording in an abandoned school located close by, so close in fact that when I got there a party of archeologists outside the window were packing up their tools after a hard days bone hunting.  The school had been built on ground that was once part of the cemetery where amongst other heavyweight divines, poets & non conformists one William Blake is buried.  Where he is buried no one is quite sure but I wouldn’t be surprised if the archiolegists were getting pretty close.

The reason Pete was recording in this particular abandoned school was because of Mr Stephen Cracknell.  A member of the musical collectives The Memory Band & The Accidental, friend of Heavenly’s and also the current live in caretaker of the empty building where he has set up a studio for recording and is working with Pete on a b side for the next single ‘Penny Dreadful’ and hopefully an Ep’s worth of recordings for a summer release.

To walk around the empty school littered with leaves on the inside and the first wave signs of abandonment taking hold it had a post apocalyptic air about it.  Was there life here, had anyone survived, had the disease made it this far?  There was some coughing coming from down the hall, there was life! whether it was unaffected I wasn’t sure, hairy and bent over on a school chair on the carpet where once the children sat was Pete rolling himself a cigarette.

The set up is perfect for Pete, no airs, no graces, all the kit was to hand, laid out and propped up on the remaining classroom furniture, a mic taped to the ceiling & a PC weighing down a computer table built to accommodate a BBC micro and all of this within the confines of the brown square of carpet.  This was his second day in & he’d so far laid down the bones of 3 tracks.  From what I got to hear it already sounds progressively different from the recordings for his debut album ‘Sirens’.  Pete’s debut album is a document, a document of honesty and purity in the way that ‘Five leaves Left’ is except Pete isn’t playing at being Nick Drake, Pete isn’t even playing at playing Pete he’s just playing beautifully. Its the real deal.  The album came out last summer and we are taking the track ‘Penny Dreadful’ to radio with a new B-side which if recording goes to plan will be a cover of Orange Juices ‘A Sad Lament’.  The 2 other tracks I heard were ‘Me & Molly’ & ’24 & Counting’.  I’ll post 2 of the new demos which he took to the session & laid down in typical Pete style, 12.30am, post pub, one take, done!   The other track I’ve posted is a cover he did for a Mojo Beatles cover mount, I love it.

Pete Greenwood – ME & MOLLY (demo)

Pete Greenwood – 24 & COUNTING (demo)

Pete Greenwood – SAVOY TRUFFLE