Sunshine & Love

High praise indeed - Ed Reyes & his bird
High praise indeed - Ed Reyes & his bird


The summer is creeping around the corner and we have been eager to come out and play.  This has been the first time in years that we have spent an extended period at home in Silver Lake and San Diego.  Lee and Ian have been surfing a lot and Brian and I have been exploring our dear city of Los Angeles.  Even though we were born and raised here in Los Angeles there is so much to discover and so much inspiration out there.  You tend to forget these things when you travel a lot.  There is a saying that the ‘grass is always greener on the other side’.  You know what?  Sometimes it is but you can’t beat the vibe and the weather here in Southern California.

We played a festival in Santa Monica called Revel With A Cause last Saturday.  It was basically a celebration of all things green and being ecologically mindful.  They even had valet parking for bicycles.  Now that is very LA!  Our show was great and there was a mosh pit full of kids and toddlers dancing to our songs.  Maybe the Little Ones are kid-tested and mother-approved?  It was good to see kids jump up and down to Lovers Who Uncover.  Not a bad demographic.  I think this will be one of our last live appearances for a while.

We are going to concentrate on writing, recording, and rehearsing  in our studio.  I have to say it feels good to finally be off the road and fully concentrate on creating new material.  As we look for inspiration we quickly realize that inspiration is all around us.  It’s outside our window and it’s on the street.  It’s in our conversations with each other.  You see, music will always be the music of life.  It’s the soundtrack for your feet and it’s a soundtrack for you and me.  Even though the world has turned to doom and gloom we will never subscribe to that sentiment.  The Little Ones have always been about escaping that.  I think that’s why we decided to play music in the first place.  Hopefully people will still want to hear what we will create in the next upcoming months.  I want to leave you with a video we did set to Heron’s ‘The Devil’…

And the devil will never take my soul away,  but leave me on my own to sing my song alone…

Here’s a video you can embed from us.


& here’s one of my favourite tracks from the Morning Tide debut album  ‘Gregory’s Chant’.  It’s the UK version mixed by James Ford

The Little Ones – Gregory’s Chant

and here’s the classic Crystal Castles remix of ‘Lovers Who Uncover’  a track off the ‘Sing Song’ ep.  A fine fine piece of remixing!

The Little Ones v Crystal Castles – Lovers Who Uncover

When I get the chance I’ll dig out all the Little Ones remixes & put together a download bundle from this site, there’s some bonkers boombox sidestepping takes on the Little Ones from the poppers poppin X-press2 disco dub to the wonderful blissed out Electrelane mix – I will keep you posted