Bad Breeding to play The Social for ‘The Deep Hum at The Heart of It All’

Were pleased to announce that our weekly night of new music, ‘The Deep Hum’ has the wicked Bad Breeding down to play on July 1st.


Bad Breeding at The Social

In association with Heavenly Recordings and Clockwork promotions, this weekly night celebrates it’s 1 year anniversary in July.

Previous acts have included H.Hawkline, The Parrots, Hooton Tennis Club, The Magic Gang,  Secret Fix, Big Sister, Playlounge, Best Friends, FEWS, Gwenno, Ex’s, Big Sister, Kid Wave, a one month Bohica’s residency + many more.

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‘The Deep Hum’ – May Listings

The Bohicas

We have had a fantastic month hosting The Bohicas residency at The Social for the ‘Deep Hum’ in the last month.

Wednesday is the final night of the residency with Hyena in support. The previous three nights have SOLD OUT so we highly recommend grabbing a ticket to see them.


A big thanks to Domino Records for being brilliant DJ’s in the basement as well as Crushed Beaks, Saint Agnes & Eugene Mcguinness for their opening slots.

Were back in April with a whole host of new artists to get excited about. We have our latest Heavenly signing Gwenno plus Tender Prey, Big Sister, Rosa Brooks & Truism.

Next week ‘The Deep Hum’ is teaming up with the Sound of Music presenting The Floorman live with DJ’s Bernie Connor and Richard Norris on the decks.


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We also made a tasty playlist featuring a roundup of 2015 acts including Best Friends, Secret Fix, Ex’s, Blueprint Blue and many more.


Bunkered down in the very centre of the city, absorbed in a basement of concrete, The Deep Hum At The Heart Of It All will resonate every week with the emerging sounds of some of the best new bands around.


The Deep Hum and Domino Records present The Bohicas residency

Next month our weekly night of new live music ‘The Deep Hum at The Heart of It All’ has announced a special residency with Domino Records.

The Bohicas Residency at The Social

The Bohica’s will be playing live at The Social on four consecutive Wednesdays throughout April, with shows on the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th, alongside special guests and Domino DJs.

Check out our ‘Deep Hum’ FB page for news and updates here. 

Listen to The Bohica’s here. 

Bunkered down in the very centre of the city, absorbed in a basement of concrete, The Deep Hum At The Heart Of It All will resonate every week with the emerging sounds of some of the best new bands around.


Fitzrovian Knights


Hear yee! hear yee! a night of bohemian song & dance cometh to thee!

Brought to you by the label that sells out all of its releases so in true philanthropic whimsy they can pish & snoogle every one of its pennies back onto the streets of Fitzrovia in support of the local economy.

The belly of The Social beast will be awash with a super drinks promotion for those who arrive early & an all night special on the Fitzrovian Sloe Gin cocktail that will have Hogarth dashing for his pen & ink as the consequences unfold.

Live performances from the old school Fitzrovian bounder himself – MR DAVID VINER

Alley scamps – EX LOVERS perform a rare & what will be beautiful acoustic set & first on making her Fitzrovian debut miss SOPHIE MADELEINE.

& a last minute addition of THE CHEEKS (formerly Cheeky Cheeky & The Nosebleeds) who will be rolling in for a ground trembling electro acoustic performance to round the evening off inappropriately.

& of course there’s musical plate spinning from the Fitzrovian Knights playing gems unearthed from the flower bed of their Fitzrovian allotment along with Mr Nasty McQuaid (playing records not unearthed from the allotment).

Monday 10th August @ THE SOCIAL

5 Little Portland St
Entry is FFFFFFREE all night & doors are from 7pm.


Huw can always get what you want . . .

If what you want is a 21 gunned salute to bands so new they’re pre-new.  HUW STEPHEN’S, he with voice of a warming Horlicks & vodka cocktail & pre-new musoic affcianado has put together a compilation of some of his favourite bands of the moment with a lot of the tracks being exclusive to the comp which is out now on Wichita.

Music Sounds Better With You
Music Sounds Better With You

Expect to see some of the names probably appearing on a Rough Trade counter culture compilation some time next year or the year after, pretty much all the names being championed by those who know whats good for you & them now and for the foreseeable future, a lot of the bands appearing at HUW STEPHEN’S ‘INTRODUCING’ night @ THE SOCIAL (2nd Tuesday of the month), his festival stages @ SWN, Reading/Leeds, Glastonbury & Lattitude at which the Heavenly Jukebox will Djing in between bands on the Friday.  They will all be getting regular spins on Huw’s essential new music show on Radio 1 & they can all appear in your itunes for an entirely reasonable £4.49 – Check what that gets you;
1. Calories – Adventuring
2. Copy Haho – You Are My Coal Mine
3. Wax Fang – World War II (Pt. 2)
4. We Have Band – Oh! (Plugs Remix)
5. Pulled Apart By Horses – The Crapsons
6. Hjaltalin  – Suitcase Man
7. Sweet Baboo – Woe Unto Me to Get High
8. Swanton Bombs – Sorrysayer
9. Cyclones – See If I Float
10. Banjo or Freakout – Eighty-Eight
11. Gentle Friendly – Clean Break
12. Young Fathers – Bring It Home
13. Stricken City – Pull The House Down
14. Holy State – Solid State Messiah (vs the Valve Viking)
15. Gallops! – Lasers
16. Tubelord – Somewhere Out There A Dog Is On Fire
17. Dinosaur Pile-up – Opposites Attract
18. Portasound – 4 Minute Warning
19. Colorama – Oyasumi Baby
20. Gold Teeth – Everybody
21. Gold Panda – Like, Totally

To hear all the tracks from the
compilation and see more information about the bands, including a Q
+A with Huw and comments on each track, visit:

  • Gallops Drummer
  • Dave Morait – Gallops Drummer
  • GALLOPS - Trotters Indie-pendent Trading
  • So in honour of Huw & his sonic assemblage we went down to The Social this week for the launch party & caught our first glimpse of the mighty GALLOPS, whose drummer bust up 4 sticks in as many songs & the excellent STICKEN CITY, an in house favourite of ours.  Keep your ears & eyes open for ‘Songs about People I Know’ their debut album, it’s ace & especially charming is the track ‘Pull The House Down’ (link below) in which Rebekah Raa - Stricken City

    Rebekah Raa’s vocal & synth line warbles & accents post art pop at it’s finest.  There’s also a link below to the GALLOPS! track LASERS which is on Huw’s compilation, tiz juicy & fuggy, fizzy & thuggy as it interlaces some E-lektonik bounce with some incremental post-rock escalation.



    Check their websites for more details.


    While I was there at The Social I was lucky enough to capture on film a rare picture of Tall Paul our soundman actually sitting still manning the desk.  If  you’ve been down to The Social to see a band anytime in the last 3 years chances are you will have seen Paul bobbing around like a mentalist behind the bands, sometime detracting attention from the act – the guy’s a legend & anyone who’s had him do their sound will I’m sure agree, I think he’s even up there with Rhona, (currently running the desk @ the Fandango nights) who any band worth an indie 7″ will have encountered along they’re path to here, there or right, right, right over where . . .?, she can shoot an ego down in an instant if you want to play at bobby big bollocks knows best about sound, I mean, who needs a cock of all trades bleeting on about their amp when there’s 4 bands to check in an hour.  Anyway back to Paul, the reason he was sitting still was he sometimes suffers from chronic back pain due to being slumped all day & night over a desk, being bloody massive tall & spending weekday nights sleeping on the floor of his studio, which is called TREACLE in Old St.  Anyway’s wanted to post this pic cause its well good & he looks like a smokin’ head in a studio in the Seventies, which isn’t far from the truth.

    TALL PAUL - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
    TALL PAUL - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

    The Dissident sound of New Cross

    Veros Artis - dedicated to the art of making it up as you go along.
    Veros Artis - dedicated to the art of making it up as you go along.

    Andy Blake, Dissident Distribution

    Andy runs one of our favourite dance labels around, Dissident based down in New Cross  but spiritually somewhere between Rimini and Chicago in  1984.  We were hooked after being given a copy of Dissident Vol 1 at the beginning of last year.  It was just what we needed to stoke the fire of the Heavenly Jukebox as we spent the summer playing records out of the back of a Function 1 loaded green Model T Ford on the Rizla festival tour.  Saucy acid minimalism laced with audiophile psych that you can really get stuck into . . . & we most certainly did.

    Anyone with the slightest interest or fervor in electronic/dance music should track down Dissident cd 1/2: ‘Veros Artis’ vol 1 & 2 and take it from there.  All the labels releases are beautifully pressed 12″ &  ltd to 100/200 copies and there’s not a dud one amongst them & they’ve got great label artwork as well.  There’s no Dissident website, myspace & pretty much fack all information on the label at the moment but I’m sure that will all change very soon.  You can check the all the releases on Discogs and also Phonica and Juno seem to be on it with stocking their releases. DISSIDENT on DISCOGS

    Check out one of the first tunes we bit on from Vol 1 here.  Go jogging with this menacing puppy for the whole 11 mins!


    WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH GET JACKING& if you want to hear a selection of what Andy likes to play when he’s feeling Sevenly here’s a 7″ only mix that he sent us in anticipation of his set @ The Social on the 31st March when we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the release of the first 7″ 45 & we kick off celebrations for The Social’s 10 yr anniversary.

    BLAKE 7 – Andy Blake – dissident jukebox vol 2


    SEVENLY a celebration of the 45!

    It will be 60 years to the day that Eddy Arnold’s ‘Texarkana Baby’ was released by RCA, pressed in translucent green vinyl it was the first ever 45 record released, so never shy of a celebrating anything worth celebrating we’re throwing a birthday party at The Social for the beloved 7″ record.

    Djing on the night will be some of our friends who we deemed wholly holy qualified to come down and play you some of their favourite 7’s from the last 60 years.

    Digging through their crates to unearth you some gems and provide back to back 3min slices of Sevenly music will be ;

    EDWYN COLLINS (7″ label champion!)
    EMMY THE GREAT (music sounds better with her)

    YOUNG & LOST CLUB (Great label, great 7’s)


    (keep your ears posted on here for a Superb &  exclusive 7″ mix that Andy’s done for us, coming v. soon!)

    HEAVENLY JUKEBOX ( 7evenly music)
    ROUGH TRADE (They sell 7’s, they play 7’s!)

    & BOB STANLEY (Vinyl guru, is it you?)


    There will also be a mini Rough Trade stall selling 7’s on which you will be able find some exclusively signed  for the early birds and in between sets there will be some Heavenly freebies to give away.

    Come celebrate with us & hear some of the finest music ever cut to 7″ of vinyl, doors 7pm & its well free to get in! @ THE SOCIAL, 5 Little Portland St, W1w 7JD

    Both Bob and myself managed to pick up a copy of ‘TEXARKANA BABY’ on Gemm for under $10 within minutes of finding out about the track.  I love the fact the first 45 came on translucent green vinyl which was designed to colour

    reference musical genres, ahh the innocence of product marketing back in the day . . .  literally!

    Until we get set up in the new office and wire up the vinyl/,p3 thing you can make do with a youtube version of Eddy Arnolds 45, which sounds better than my copy in any case.