Heavenly Christmas party, Camden Underworld, Dec 1990

“My first encounter with Heavenly….
was at the Camden Underworld in December 1990. I’d casually bought a few of the records ‘cos of mixes I’d liked & the odd song you could hum along to in the shower, but you could hardly call me obsessive. Anyway, walking into the depths of the Underworld, the then headquarters of London’s indie Mafia, pre-Christmas, I witnessed four different stabs at post Acid House musical hedonism. They all blew me away. First up, a badly stencil-shirted band spouting deranged punk rock spite and bile, then a sharp dressed dreamy Byrds-esque rock’n’roll quartet. Next up, punchy house-driven pop music performed by two shadowy blokes and a beautiful blonde. Finally a bunch of North London Scallies ran riot, pilled to oblivion and high on life. They were flanked by a bloke dressed as a flower. By the end of the night, I had been sucked into the pit and spat out of the venue onto the street. Catching the night bus home exhilarated, sweat sodden, religiously drop kicked into a new way of life. Fuck me, I was feeling Heavenly and I haven’t been the same since”.

Forever Heavenly:

Flowered Up, Manic Street Preachers, Beth Orton, East Village, Espiritu, The Hybirds, Dot Alison, Monkey Mafia, Kevin Pearce, Paolo Hewitt, Dr Robert, Northern Uproar, Bronx Dogs, St Etienne, The Rockingbirds, Nada Surf, The Chemical Brothers, The Heavenly Social, Paul Cannell



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