Caught by the River & Friendly Records Presents…


Letterpress poster: Nick Hand

Caught by the River & Friendly Records are presenting a night of guitar-based magic to Bristol’s Centrespace Gallery.

Daniel Bachman & Jake Xerxes Fussell are playing the event that takes place on Sunday 30th April.

Caught by the River have all the information here. 

Tickets are available here. 



Ahead of the debut Heavenly Jukebox party at The Betsey Trotwood next month, here’s a playlist to get you in the groove.

Selected by Danny Barrett. Danny will be early doors DJ at the forthcoming KICKS party on Friday 3rd March.



KICKS – A Heavenly Jukebox Party


…Come get your Kicks! with The Heavenly Jukebox on Friday 3 March in the party basement of the Betsey Trotwood pub on Farringdon Road, London EC1.

Quality genre-hopping music all night long. Starting on the mellow side from 6pm and raising the temperature as the night goes on.

Playing records on the night will be Danny, Jeff and Jukebox new boy Danny Barrett.

Early arrival recommended. Come make a night of it.

£3 Entry.


Artwork: Louise Mason / Sawn Off

‘This is Memorial Device’ by David Keenan


Caught by the River’s book of the month is ‘This Memorial Device’ by David Keenan. The book is out today and published by Faber & Faber.

‘This Is Memorial Device’, the debut novel by David Keenan, is a love letter to the small towns of Lanarkshire in the west of Scotland in the late 1970s and early 80s as they were temporarily transformed by the endless possibilities that came out of the freefall from punk rock.

It follows a cast of misfits, drop-outs, small town visionaries and would-be artists and musicians through a period of time where anything seemed possible, a moment where art and the demands it made were as serious as your life. At its core is the story of Memorial Device, a mythic post-punk group that could have gone all the way were it not for the visionary excess and uncompromising bloody-minded belief that served to confirm them as underground legends.

Written in a series of hallucinatory first-person eye-witness accounts that capture the prosaic madness of the time and place, heady with the magic of youth recalled,This Is Memorial Device combines the formal experimentation of David Foster Wallace at his peak circa Brief Interviews With Hideous Men with moments of delirious psychedelic modernism, laugh out loud bathos and tender poignancy.

Andrew Weatherall has reviewed the book for the Caught by the River site which you can read here.

Purchase ‘This Memorial Device’ here.

Edwyn Collins chats Hooton Tennis Club on BBC 6 Music.


Last week on BBC 6 Music Edwyn Collins and Grace Maxwell spoke to Radcliffe & Maconie about working with Hooton Tennis Club on their album ‘Big Box of Chocolates.’

The band recorded the record in Helmsdale, Scotland up in Edwyn’s studio.


Hooton Tennis Club are headlining our Friday night party at the Hebden Bridge Trades Club this Friday with The Parrots & The Orielles.

Last few tickets for the show are available to purchase here. 

Diwydiant Sŵn


An abstract abseil down the faces of some of Wales’ most prominent industries, wool, coal, slate and renewable energy, focusing on the sounds of these industries and their possible effects on the melodies, rhythms and vocabulary of music and songs from the surrounding areas. Huw Evans (AKA H Hawkline) weaves a half hour tapestry for the ears combining interviews from those involved with the industries, the sounds of the machines and the workplace, voices from the past and contemporary and old music along with the occasional original piece of instrumental music inspired by the sounds heard on this journey.


Coming Soon to Hebden Bridge – An Afternoon of Poetry & Prose.


While we’re hosting four days of live music at The Trades Club between the 19th & 22nd January this month, our friends at Caught by the River are hosting an afternoon of prose & poetry on the Saturday.

Taking place at Machpelah Mill, Hebden Bridge on Saturday 21st January – this calm afternoon is the perfect antidote to our Friday night party with Hooton Tennis Club, The Parrots & The Orielles.

Tickets are £5 and with seven guests appearing – it’s a bargain.

Tickets are available here.

Check out the details of our four live music nights at the Trades Club here.